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Shipping Artwork: Trial and Tribulation

As a ceramic sculptor, I frequently have to package and ship my artwork to galleries. When preparing my work to ship, I envision the scene from Ace Ventura Pet Detective when Jim Carrey is acting as a postal delivery man playing football with the package. Ace hikes it up to the quarterback, finds a player down field and launches the football toward the receiver. In my case, instead of using a football, picture a box with a fragile sticker on the side containing precious cargo - my artwork. This is what shipping your artwork feels like. This brings me to my most recent interaction with the United Postal Service. I was accepted to exhibit a sculpture at the Wayne Arts Center in PA. Juried into the show by the Renwick Gallery curator Nora Atkinson, I was thrilled to be accepted! I take great care in shipping my work. For my abstract ceramic sculpture: Make sure to take portfolio quality images for your documentation and records in case the artwork was s